Sewer Pipe Replacement Is More Affordable than You Think

Friday, January 6th, 2017

Sewer Line Repair in Santa Ana Made Affordable by Innovative MethodsHave you noticed odors coming from your toilets, sinks, or other drains in your home? Are there soft spots in your yard that is caused by raw sewage leaking? If you notice any of these issues at your home, it may be time to consider sewer pipe replacement. It’s possible that an obstruction or aged pipes have caused a section of the pipe to become damaged and now it needs to be replaced.

Hearing the words sewer pipe replacement are not words that conjure up good feelings. In fact, for most people it leads to panic. The most common response we get after a customer is told they need replacement services is, “How am I going to pay for this?”

Thanks to advances in the plumbing industry, sewer pipe replacement in Santa Ana isn’t as expensive as it once was. It’s still not a cheap plumbing repair like replacing a broken faucet or unclogging a toilet, but there are options that can keep the costs down considerably.

Let’s Talk about Trenchless Sewer Line Options

In the past, when an outdoor pipe was damaged, plumbers would have to dig up huge sections of the yard to find the location of the pipe and then spend time breaking apart the pipe to replace it. With trenchless sewer line repair, excavation is minimal. Much like cardiologists use catheters to repair blocked arteries, the trenchless method of repair uses state-of-the-art equipment to place a sleeve around the damaged section of the pipe and cover the old pipe with a newer, stronger cover. It’s basically putting a pipe inside a pipe. After the procedure, the plumber will use a video camera to ensure that the procedure went smoothly and your sewer line should be back to operating in its normal fashion.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Protects Against Damage

To save even more money, consider regular sewer drain cleaning to prevent obstructions in the first place. Preventive maintenance is always more affordable that major repairs.

To learn more about sewer pipe replacement in Irvine, give your friendly, local plumbers a call today.

You Local Drain Cleaning Plumber Gets Rid of Clogs Fast

Friday, January 6th, 2017

Local plumber performs expert drain cleaningIf you’re constantly struggling with a clogged kitchen sink or blocked toilets, you may need professional drain cleaning services. Stubborn clogs can form deep within your home’s pipes and cannot always be fixed using the average household plumber. In these cases, you need a drain cleaning plumber to help you get rid of the problem once and for all.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Clears the Toughest Clogs

In the past, plumbers used drain snakes to reach deeply embedded clogs. However, sometimes the snake only managed to carve out a hole in the obstruction and didn’t really get rid of the debris entirely. Thanks to new technology such as hydro jet drain cleaning, it’s easier than ever for experienced, licensed plumbers to completely eradicate clogs and leave your pipes as clean as the day they were first installed.

Main Line Clogs Are No Match for Professional Equipment

Some household clogs are annoying, but they are easy to take care of. A main line clog can be a whole different story. This type of clog can make your sinks, toilets and drains backup all at once and can put your house at risk of flooding. If you suspect you have a main line clog, it’s a good idea to call a local plumber near you to inspect and diagnose the problem. Highly-experienced technicians like our Santa Ana plumbers have state-of-the-art equipment to find the location and size of any clog whether it’s in the main line or the sewer line.

Call Your Drain Cleaning Plumber in Santa Ana

Don’t put off taking care of a clogged drain. These types of plumbing problems only get progressively worse and can end up causing pipe failure and leaks. Call a qualified drain cleaning plumber in Irvine to help you blast away those persistent clogs once and for all!

Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Ruining Your Plumbing

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Santa Ana Drain Repair by Top-rated Neighborhood PlumbersClogged sinks and toilets are no laughing matter. In fact, when faced with these sorts of plumbing problems, frustrations escalate quickly and desperation sets in. We get it! No one wants to brush their teeth while staring at a clogged sink. The last thing you want is to invite guests to your home and have an unexpected toilet clog.

What do you do?

When plunging doesn’t work, many people hop in their cars and drive to the nearest home improvement store for a bottle of liquid drain cleaner. While that is a solution, it’s not the best solution.

Liquid drain cleaners contain chemicals that can do more harm than good in the long run. Will you destroy your drain pipes using a liquid drain cleaner once or twice? Probably not. However, if you continuously find that you’re relying on these chemicals to fix a slow drain, you run the risk of your pipes corroding.

Call a Plumber for a Complete Analysis

When liquid drain cleaners fail, it is most likely because the clog is too big or too far down in the pipe. Also, not all drain cleaning products are the same. For example, you should never use a product in a toilet unless the container clearly states that it is for toilet clogs. That’s the first mistake that people make.

The second mistake is assuming a clog is the actual problem. Sometimes, pipes become warped or were installed incorrectly. In cases like these, no amount of cleaner will help the situation because other repairs need to be made.

Calling a licensed plumber in Anaheim or near in your particular town will help you determine the exact cause of the problem quicker and with less trauma to your plumbing system. Plumbers have technology such as video cameras that can investigate deep into the piping and find the root cause of the problem. They also use equipment that can safely remove the toughest clogs without damaging piping.

The next time you’re faced with a clogged kitchen sink or guest room toilet, don’t reach for the drain cleaner. Reach for the phone and call the professionals who are tough on clogs.