Dependable and Affordable Toilet Repair and Installation from Your Santa Ana Plumbing Specialists

Toilet repair available today by the best-trained, local plumbersThe toilets in a home are one of the most use plumbing accessories, but they are often the most overlooked and misunderstood. When a toilet clogs, most people will automatically reach for the plunger. Sometimes this works and other times it is pointless. This is because there are many reasons for why your toilet may suddenly stop flushing or working properly.

At Santa Ana Presto Plumbers, we urge homeowners to call us when they have a persistent clog, discover cracks and leaks, or have any other perplexing problems with their toilets’ operation. Our licensed plumbers are trained to use special tools and equipment to identify signs of sewer line problems, incorrect plumbing configurations, and other problems that may be causing your toilet to clog or work incorrectly.

Reasons Toilets Clog

A toilet can develop a clog as the result of using the wrong tissue paper, flushing sanitary napkins or personal hygiene products down the drain, or even by simply not having a toilet that has enough water pressure. Sometimes toilets clog because there is a problem with the sewer line. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, it is possible that a tree root could be strangling the sewer line and making it difficult for waste to move through.

Figuring out the reason for a clogged toilet is important to prevent health hazards and additional plumbing problems. Most of the times a clogged toilet is not going to be harmful, but if the obstruction is particularly bad waste could back up in your sinks or bathtub. This is especially common in first level bathrooms because it is the lowest point of your drainage system.

Save Money with New Toilet Installation

Are you living in a home with old, outdated toilets? Today’s toilets use fewer gallons of water than toilets made in the 1990s and earlier. If you’re interested in trimming your household’s budget, you may want to consider changing out your old, water-wasting toilets for newer, energy-efficient, low-flow models. Our plumbing specialists can help you find toilets that are affordable both as far as up-front costs and those that also come with low operating costs.

Once you made your purchase, let us help you with the installation process. Many homeowners fail to understand the value in professional toilet installation services. However, removing an old toilet and replacing it with a new model is a complex process. If it is done incorrectly leaks can develop, cracks can form, and water damage can occur.

Whether you need a new toilet or have questions about frequent clogs or other broken components, give us a call today to learn about our fast and easy toilet repair and toilet installation services in Santa Ana, CA. We offer affordable, practiced plumbing service that is always 100% guaranteed.