Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

Garbage disposal repair by best plumbers in the neighborhoodYour home’s garbage disposal is a valuable tool that you rely on day in and day out to dispose of food waste. But, when this household plumbing appliance stops working, it can put a kink in your routine. From minor leaks to jammed propellers, Santa Ana Presto Plumbers will come to the rescue.

Our team of professional plumbers will investigate the problem and offer practical repair and replacement solutions. Our technicians are familiar with all brands of garbage disposals including the InSinkErator, Waste King, and General Electric. Do you need a new garbage disposal? Not a problem. Our installation services are top-rated and our technicians can help you choose a new model based on horsepower, noise output, grinding stages, and much more.

For guaranteed garbage disposal repairs and garbage disposal installation, we are the preferred plumbing service in Santa Ana, California.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running

Here are some tips to keep your kitchen sink garbage disposal running at peak performance every time you flip the switch:

Do run the disposal often. It is a misconception that frequent use leads to premature breakdowns. If you don’t use your appliance regularly, water that drips into the tank can lead to rust and corrosion.

Don’t pour grease and cooking oils down the disposal. This can potentially clog the blades and lead to buildup in the pipes.

Don’t put every piece of food scrap in the disposal. Limit food waste to what is on your plate at the end of a meal and never put potato peels, celery stalks, corn husks, coffee grounds, or egg shells in the disposal.

Do clean your disposal regularly with lemons or vinegar. These products will keep your disposal smelling fresh and won’t damage your pipes.

Garbage Disposal Installation Tips

Are you upgrading to a new and improved garbage disposal? Then give us a call and let us provide you with professional installation services. Why choose professional installation over DIY repair? Here are just a few reasons:

•             Guaranteed work

•             24-hour customer service

•             Affordable rates

•             Professional consultations

Improper installation can lead to failure. If wires are not connected properly, you could even have a fire hazard in your home. Our contractors have the professional know-how and the right equipment to make accurate installations.

Call us today and let us introduce you to our team of plumbers. Same day plumbing service is available to all residents of Santa Ana, California and surrounding areas for everything from toilet repair to sewer line replacement.